Pastor Tim North and his wife Carmen

Pastor Tim North and his wife Carmen

Terry kuhns

Terry Kuhns serves GSBC as interim pastor.  He is married to Julie and together they have four children: Kaleigh, Maggie, Abbey and Ben.  Terry is also the owner and CEO of People Achieving Change Today (PACT).

PACT is an LLC local to Saginaw County that CREATES POSITIVE CHANGE by contracting with government agencies, faith-based and community organizations to develop and manage programs, projects and initiatives that nurture trusting and purposeful relationships in a community.   PACT provides leadership for multiple projects in both Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Terry has served on county, state and national committees addressing family and community issues and has been a private consultant to government, faith-based and community organizations. A pastor since 1998, he has worked to nurture collaboration between government agencies, churches and other community service providers.  His personal missions are to help others follow Jesus more closely and to nurture trusting and purposeful relationships that will positively impact a community.”




TIM North

Pastor Tim has served as Minister of Outreach and Missions since 1998.  He enjoys organizing outreach activities here at G.S.B.C. and has been on the leadership teams of missions trips to Mexico, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Russia, and Ukraine. Carmen is the daughter of G.S.B.C.’s first home grown missionaries, George and Millie Learned.  She graduated from high school in Jos, Nigeria.  Together, Tim and Carmen also serve as Personnel Directors for one of our partnering missions Life in Messiah, International based in a Chicago suburb.